Three points should be paid attention to in stepped chairs:

    1. Look at the material, high-quality multi-layer board and fire-retardant board, plywood veneer to choose a first-class board, so that the choice of plate splicing, no cracks, no holes, surrounded by high-quality polyester varnish, edge neat and smooth, clear lamination, such plate is a better plate.

    2. When choosing keel steel, we must see whether the manufacturer chooses the national standard products. Whether electrostatic treatment, degreasing, rust removal, sandblasting and polishing of metal parts can be done or not, otherwise the service life of the chairs will be affected.

    3. Inspect all the screw on the assembly of the connecting chair whether it has the characteristics of anti-retreat, anti-loosening, not easy to be removed by hand, whether the connecting parts are safe and firm, shock-resistant and anti-vibration.

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