Station waiting chairs are not fixed how many seats you need to install. They all choose different sizes according to the design and planning of the waiting area. They have achieved maximum efficiency and passenger capacity. Without affecting the beautiful situation, they can integrate the elements of their own station and choose different styles to match the station.

    Common three-person size of different materials: for reference only, please contact the business for the specific style.

    PU material: SJ9061: three persons: 1760 mm (L) * 740 mm (W) * 850 mm (H);

    Aluminum alloy material: SJ900: three persons: 1900mm (L)* 720mm (W)* 810mm (H);

    Stainless steel material: S608: three persons: 1750mm (L) * 680mm (W) * 780mm (H);

    Steel quality: SJ708C: three persons: 1750mm (L) * 680mm (W) * 780mm (H);

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