The tandem chair is a new type of chair which is easy to see in our daily life. In public places, it not only brings convenience to people going out, but also provides an aesthetic factor for the environment. So how should we choose and purchase the tandem chairs, and how should we clean and maintain them in the process of using them? Below are some information and suggestions I have arranged for your reference.

    I. Choice and Purchase of Arrangement Chairs

    1. Attention should be paid to check the firm effect of the row chairs. Whether some parts of the connecting parts are firm and flexible or not, you can sit up and feel them in person when you choose to buy them.

    2. Arrangement chairs are used in public places. Many pedestrians sit down and rest every day. Dust in the air also deposits. Therefore, when choosing armchairs, they need to buy easy-to-clean armchairs.

    3. There are many kinds of materials for making row chairs. When choosing and purchasing row chairs, we need to take into account the characteristics of each material. Generally, outdoor row chairs are not suitable for choosing wood or metal materials and are vulnerable to rain erosion.

    4. The height, width, depth and angle of the armrest should be reasonable. The seat is the equipment for pedestrians to rest. Comfort is very important. The design of the row chair, including the armrest and the height of the seat, needs to meet the needs of different groups of people.

    2. Cleaning and maintenance of row chairs

    1. Plastic chairs can be cleaned with clean water and liquid, then wiped with a dry cloth, and then dried.

    2. The row chairs are placed in the public area, so there are many people who go to rest every day, which will inevitably leave a lot of bacteria. Therefore, the row chairs need to be cleaned frequently. In order to avoid infecting the bacteria brought by different individuals, the row chairs should be cleaned once an hour.

    3. In order to ensure the safety of the users, it is very important to regularly check the firm effect between the chair parts. Troubleshooting can bring about a safe and comfortable environment.

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